Beyond Logistics

Workshops, Tacho Centre & VOSA ATF

BTS Haulage have access to MOT technology that includes a computer enhanced rolling road to test braking systems. Services include specialist high grade repairs, modifications, inspections and servicing. Also offered is tyre replacement, tracking systems, exhaust omission testing and vehicle washing.

BTS Haulages has access to workshops that are fully manned 24-7 on two sites. There are high calibre and fully trained technicians who work on the vehicles.

There also is a Tacho centre and VOSA ATF located in Dafen, Llanelli, South Wales.

Complete Logistics

Some customers are now taking advantage of a complete logistics solutions therefore enabling the customer to concentrate on what they do best. A complete combined solution includes warehousing, transport from and to manufacturing and delivery locations and full EDI.


All of the BTS Haulage trucks have state of the art tracking systems. These are linked into Google maps so you can the location of the goods and approximate delivery time is available to customers.

Self Service

Although BTS Haulage prides itself on excellent customer service, going through a ad-hoc job request on the phone can be time consuming. BTS Haulage have taken account of this and job details can be directly entered into a customers own job portal. This also gives the ability to view transport jobs and POD paperwork.

Human Resources

We believe that our company’s greatest asset is the people it employs, whose endeavours will ultimately determine the success of our organisation. Accordingly, we place great emphasis on the recruitment and retention of the high calibre of staff required to fulfil our goals.

We Have a Clear Ambition!

We want BTS Haulage to be the best distribution Company in the country because we believe it will be good for our Customers, Employees and Suppliers. It will be also good for other people who work for us and are associated with us.

What Is Wrong With That?

If you feel that you could make a positive contribution to our company, in any capacity, e.g. as a member of our driving staff, support staff, traffic management team, or in any other role, please contact our Personnel Manager on 0161 775 7910 for our standard application form or contact us at: